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Happy Traveler Testimonies

10 Day Trip to 

Paris, Munich & Salzburg

Last year, we decided we wanted to visit our oldest son in Europe when he was done with his study abroad program.  The thought of it was so exciting thinking of all the memories we would make as a family. However, the thought of planning all the details absolutely scared us.  Things like…… what city do we fly into, how long should we stay in any particular city,  how many places to visit in our timeframe, how will we figure out what to do there, how do we get to another city and how to book it?  Of course, we also had to think about our budget and making our dreams come true on the least amount of money.   I started to get anxiety thinking about all the details, not to mention my strength is not sitting in front of a computer researching this.  So, I decided to look to an expert for help.  That’s when we enlisted Nikki to take the burden of planning away from us.  She did a fabulous job!!!! We met up with our son in Paris, traveled to Salzburg and on to Germany.  We did so many amazing things we never would have done without her assistance.  I highly recommend her for any of your travel needs.  Believe me, we will be using her as we plan our next fun adventure!!! 

Jane B.

6 Day Trip to Iceland


Nikki took care of every detail of our family vacation.  She found a perfect place for us to stay in the center of Reykjavik. She worked with us to plan fun activities that were a hit with the whole family!  She mapped out sights for us to see on our own time, as well.

We had such an amazing time, we will definitely be using her services for our next family vacation!

The Baum Family

Airfare to Glasgow

We are a family of three, always on a budget.  Most of our trips come from knowing someone to stay with for free or getting portions of our trips covered as work bonuses, etc... Scotland, this summer, will be our first trip that is 100% on us.  I had asked our corporate travel agent to help us book flights that were advantageous to us in seating, as well as, budget friendly.  I waited for over two months for her to find better deals than I could find on Expedia.  Nikki was able to find us flights from Dallas to Glasgow with a layover that allows us some breathing room and time off the plane for food, while saving us about $700 PER PERSON!!!  I was blown away with what she could come up with in a matter of minutes.

Later that night, she also sent a list of family-friendly excursions with prices friendly to our budget that would keep us busy for the 12 days of our trip.  You can't go wrong with unique excursions planned for your vibe and budget with Nikki. Thanks, Nikki, for making our first big family trip fun and affordable! 

The Seibert Family 

15 Day Trip to

Peru & The Amazon

We are travelers, but tend to pick the easy resort destinations. This year we decided that we needed to try something different. We have been feeling like time is running out with high schooler who is nearing graduation. We wanted an adventure! But where to start and could we afford it? Sometimes, it feels so overwhelming to just start the process. Nikki’s enthusiastic attitude and quick response was just what we needed to kick start our amazing vacation. I asked her could we do Perú and Machu Picchu on our budget? What about the Galapagos? Maybe the Amazon? She was quick to give us some basic trip itineraries (with possible activities) and associated costs so we could decide which was for us! Could we keep some first world kids happy with activities that would entertain, but still show them how much of our world exists and sneak a little history in there too? She did an amazing job of providing so many fun options that balanced entertainment with culture and history. She was an expert at balancing our time of rest and relaxation, with culture and adventure. Her accommodation suggestions were fantastic. I loved that it wasn’t just about location, but also the experience of a boutique hotel instead of a chain. We also loved that the tours were tailored to our group, and conscious of giving business to the local communities. We are so incredibly impressed and grateful for her ability take the idea of “an adventure vacation” to a detailed, booked itinerary all within our budget. I know we would have shut the laptop and given up!

Thanks to her our vacation dreams are realized! 


The Dailey Family



Testimonial Coming Soon

Kaira M.

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